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The Sew Manly Podcast

Oct 3, 2018

Hasan Hai is the man behind the stunningly popular MerB'ys calendar. I'd go into detail about how exactly this calendar looks, but it's better if you just go see for yourself.

This is a great exploration into the way men are often expected to reject glitter and mermaids and the stereotypically feminine. We also talked about learning to check in on friends and about spreading kindness for the sake of spreading kindness.

It was also great to talk to someone who admits to constantly learning ways to be more inclusive, understanding that this is a process that doesn't have an end.

It is also wonderful to see the work they are doing is also benefiting organizations that work to end violence against women and children.


Project Kindness NL:

Doing the Thing: Ideas to Action | Hasan Hai | TEDxStJohns:

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